BEST SOLO CD: Linda Stout, "Good Luck Child." Working with Charlie Shew on most of the tracks, Stout (who produced the CD herself) combined jazz, pop and folk elements into a tasty whole, one marked by sophisticated arrangements and evocative lyrics. BEST FEMALE SINGER: Linda Stout. Showcased her impressive voice on her debut CD, "Good Luck Child.” - Jim Catalano

Ithaca Journal

Charlie Clark, Arts Editor of the Lawton Constitution said Linda's "a sultry songstress" and called her debut CD "outstanding" ...Listened to it over and over," he said.” - Charlie Clark
Regarding "Extended Play:" It's not that easy to generically categorize to me. Much of it has sort of a European new-pop (anti-pop) feel. It's 4/4, the tempos and feels are ready for radio, for sure. But it's too cerebral to be called "pop" to me. It's so subtle, minimalist and haunting - eerie at times, yet so hooky and passionate. Very, very cool.” - Todd Russell
Listed as an "Acoustic Fave”


Album: "Good Luck Child," (2004), Ghost Cat Records The Buzz: Wonderfully understated and sultry, Stout's meld of jazz and pop stylings on her solo CD has received hearty nods and accolades for over a year already, including being named "Best Solo CD" and "Best Female Singer" by The Ithaca Journal last December. Why are we putting"Good Luck Child" back under the microscope in 2005? First, because the fact Stout self-produced the CD is indicative of the artist's vision and prowess. It's truly sublime in its subtlety, leaving plenty of room for Stout's warm, passionate vocals to resonate amid acoustic guitars, piano and congas. Second, with the holidays right around the corner, this album is a most-worthy addition to the stocking stuffer list for that special someone with the sophisticated musical palate. Lastly, because this issue of BUZZ is all about "coupling up." Our advice: Light a fire, open a bottle of wine, put "Good Luck Child" in the stereo and take the phone off the hook on your next date night. You're welcome.” - Todd Russell

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I really enjoyed your CD (obviously, huh?). I think I found out that you 'self-produced' it from your site. Your work as a whole came across as being very well-conceived to me, top-to-bottom. You are very in-touch with your sound and most adept at capturing the essence of your vision and direction (rather than distracting your material's prowess with a bunch of studio bells-n-whistles). I also think that the City of Ithaca DOT should play your CD this winter from their trucks as, surely, your voice will melt the ice on Collegetown hill faster than salt ever could. -- Todd's reply to a thank-you e-mail” - Todd Russell

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By Becky Reyes, Hideaway, Bisbee, AZ “I want you to meet someone. She’s beautiful and talented, and she writes these amazing songs…” –Todd Stratton When my friend Todd told me about Linda Stout, my first thought was, “Oh, he’s so smitten.” Then he introduced me to this beautiful wispy blonde. We talked a bit, and as it happens so often between musicians, we shared our songs with each other. From the first note I heard her sing to this day, I am still mesmerized by the depth and clarity of her vocals and lyrics. Linda is one of those rare vocalists who can sing like a bird taking flight. Her debut album, “Good Luck Child” (2004) is Linda at her best. She covers a broad spectrum of sounds and moods, which is typically Linda. She can go from sweet and childlike to hot, sultry and urgent (just listen to “Tangled.”) “I Don’t Wanna Know” takes the listener right to that heartbreaking place in a relationship where one’s gut is wrenching at the realization that the relationship may not be working. “Falling,” on the other hand, gives you the sensation of falling in love, butterflies, and the quick catch of your breath when you think of a new love. Go see Linda as soon as possible. Don’t wait. Go see her now when her venues are more intimate. You will be smitten…” - Becky Reyes

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Singer-songwriter Linda Stout is a cat who purrs, rather than growls, and the jazz-infused songwriting on her debut CD Good Luck Child highlights her intimate, warm vocal sound. Ghost Cat Records is an appropriate label for this recording: music which comes out at night - sleek, sure footed, agile, sensuous, and independent. Stout's light soprano sound is as cool, crisp, and multifaceted as a Finger Lakes Reisling. Good Luck Child catches every nuance and range of her voice, from mellow to ringing tones. Her songs are modern, while firmly rooted in the cool urban jazz of the '40s and '50s. For her first recording, Stout is joined by a range of local musicians, including Charlie Shew, Johnny Dowd, Dana Paul, and Jan Nigro. Good Luck Child features 12 original compositions, including a musical setting of Emily Dickinson's poetry in "Emily's Muse." Rarely has the subtlety of Dickinson's poetry been so well musically supported. This modern take on a literary art song leads into the pure country sound of "Blue Blue Water." Stout's lyrics are clear and comprehensible. She has something to say and we can catch every word in these tasteful arrangements. The songs collected here show that Stout is comfortable in her voice, flexible from piece to piece, and yet focused.” - Pamela Goddard

Ithaca Times

Light soprano voice is clear as a bell"..."very warm-sounding"..."I love the softness"..."songs are hauntingly beautiful"..."honest vocals"..."songs are really melodic"..."rich dark organic sound"...:songs sound great"..."really like 'Blue Blue Water"..."loved your material...gorgeous voice"..."super talent, beautiful voice, lovely girl"..."AMAZING songs, many different genres of music all wrapped up in one DYNAMITE CD....looking forward to the next batch of great SOULFUL TUNES” - Friends' Comments profile

Your CD is f-ing killer.” - David Malachowski

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